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Introduction to project

Sheikha Hind Abdul-Majid Majzoub Al Thani is a public figure who is currently involved in a special kind of philanthropy that would include the desire to promote the welfare of others, in addition to inspiring others to offer kinds of donations which have a prolonged and progressive effects.

A former TV anchor, successful business woman, philanthropist, and cultural influencer; Sheikha Hind's portfolio and life achievements form a multi-dimensional inspiration to others who are interested to know more about her success stories and follow her accomplishments and events.

Project Vision

In order for the vision of achieving and inspiring others to be effective, Sheikha Hind's profile should acquire certain notoriety requirements which if established it will help spread the inspiration amongst the world and reach the needed audience.

Such notoriety could be established by creating a content, sharing it online, and receiving interactions from the audience, 

All of that through Four Main Types of Media :

  1. Owned Media
  2. Earned Media
  3. Shared Media
  4. Paid Media

​Project Milestones

  • Start-Up

    • Teams Formation
      • Script and Media Content
      • Multimedia Development
      • Administration
        • Sheikha Hind Al Thani
        • Sheikha Noor Al Thani
        • Ali Jaber
    • Branding & Profile Concept
      • Emblem, Logo, and MOTO
        • Emblem & Logo
          • Lionness face designed by Sheikha Noor.
          • Lionness face should have emphasis on a more feminin look specially around the eyes.
          • Lionness shall have hair formed by designated moto words.
        • MOTO
          • Believe, Act, Persist, Achieve, Inspire.
      • Titles & Categories
      • Domains of activities
    • Developing Profile Content
      • "About Sheikha Hind" Content
      • Inspirational Philanthropy Content

  • Going Online

    • Owned Media
      • Official Website
        • Domain :
        • Color Themes: Lavender, Royal Blue
        • Font Families (google fonts) : tajawal, good vibes, cairo, 
      • Official Blog/News Page
        • News & Events Blog Site
          • Tag Categories : Philanthropy, Figures
            • Philanthropy tag : Solar Energy,
            • Figures: Nader Kaspard, Henry Khoury
      • Info-graphics & Video
    • Earned Media
      • Online and Paper magazines
      • News Sites
      • Press Releases
      • Events Magazines
      • Influencer Content
    • Shared Media
      • Youtube Channel
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • X (former Twitter)
      • Google Profile
    • Paid Media
      • Sponsored influencer Content
      • Sponsored Blog Posts
      • Social Media & Search Optimizations

  • Establishing Notoriety

    • Wikipedia Registration
    • Inspirational Philanthropy Achievements
    • Honoring Ceremonies
    • Appearing on broadcasted media

  • Ensuring Sustainability

  • Documenting Knowledge Base & Reports

Collaborative Section

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