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Property Management

Whether its personal property or a property management company, our solution is built for residential & commercial property managers, offering real-time actionable data, workflows, and the business related templates.

Home Services

Discover how our solution can easily improve your home services business by accumulating all best features in one easy-to-use, one stop software which we guarantee that will turn you into a super-manager.

Food & Beverage Businesses

Run your Restaurant/Bar/F&B Franchise efficiently, table by table, floor by floor, manage accounting, POS, HR, Kitchen workflows, and control your inventory. Micro management for this kind of businesses through our software is a legendary solution.

Construction & Civil Engineering

Our Enterprise system manages every aspect of accounting, project management and service for construction, engineering and service firms, an all in one solution that connects teams, devices, and all business processes on a single platform.

Manufacturing Businesses

Our Manufacturing software solution is a tool that provides functionality to plan and execute projects from beginning to end, while automating materials planning, production tracking and scheduling and product lifecycle management.

Features for All Businesses

Apps for Super Managers !

Project Management APPs

Our solution enables a wide range of options for project planning, resource allocation and scheduling. It enables managers as well as entire teams to control their budget, quality management and all documentation exchanged throughout a project.

Professional Accounting APPs

Accelerate your accounting efficiency, multi-companies, multi-currencies, link your sales teams data entries directly with your accountant entries, get paid faster. Our software has unlimited capability to boost your accounting reports and entries.

HR Management APPs

Create Employees profiles, manage contracts, timesheets, planning, track attendance linked directly to payrolls, manage leaves and time-off, link employees expenses to accounting and management approvals, our HR app is un-paralleled.

CRM, Sales & Purchase

A modern interface to track opportunities portfolio and activities, continuous workflow from Lead to Opportunity to Sales all stacked up in one application cross linked all together with accounting, purchase, and project management. 

Marketing & Web Services

YES, you can put your business in autopilot, create automatic and targeting campaigns, while hosting your website, channels, and connecting your social media apps all together in one software that provides a professional overview of all.

Our Clients

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About US

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Our Team Experts will help you to re-discover your business management using a ONE-STOP, All-IN-ONE software that will boost your employees efficiency, productiviting, communication, and turn your managers into super managers.

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Our Aim is to Help Companies and Individuals maintain a professional digital approach through their business or portfolio management.

Having an ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) Tailor Made for each and every business is our expertise, we configure, automate, and provide structural workflows for each department according to international standards.

Our Clients benefit from our pre-made business Templates, and workflows which will guarantee a major cut-off in paper, ink, and other traditional expenses, and waste of time.